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Sacred Detox

Sacred Detox

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A monthly supplement (30 day supply) of plant-based mineral foods for cleansing the entire system while fortifying the blood. 


120capsules of the Healing Moss to assist bones, skin, hair, tissue and regeneration it has 90% of the body's mineral needs. 

Take 4 capsules daily in the A.M. before breakfast.

Ingredients: Irish moss, Bladderwrack, Kelp, Vegetable Cellulose, Sacred Prayers & Love. 

Green Lyfe:

90 capsules of Green Foods for the vital needs of chlorophyll. Green Food capsules uses herbs from Central and South America which truly feeds the body.

3 capsules daily in A.M. before breakfast.

Ingredients:  Nopal, Chaparral, Nettle, Kale, Damiana, Vegetable Cellulose, Sacred Prayers & Love. 

Gut Sweep:

90 capsules of Chelation as the mucus cleanser and digestive tract detox. 

Regulates the colon and detoxifies the intestines from fecal matter that can stick to the inner walls. They soothe the nerves for better sleep.

Take 3 capsules daily after last meal of the day.

Ingredients: Cascara Sagrada, Prodigiosa, Rhubarb Root, Gordolobo, Vegetable Cellulose, Sacred Prayers & Love. 


Pure Guayusa:

30 capsules of The plant known as Guayusa is a high anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, blood purifier and energizer to name a few. It contains caffeine, but much different than the ones that are not from this plant. The caffeine that is contained in guayusa is natural and can be used as a healthy alternative to coffee. 

Ingredients: pure USDA organic guayusa, Vegetable Cellulose, Sacred Prayers & Love.

Take 1 capsule daily in the A.M before breakfast. 

Lymph Drain:

 Ingredients: Quassia, Eyebright, Yellowdock & Gordoloba


Ital Detox: 

This exotic blend is rooted in the holistic understanding of "Ital," which means the "most natural." It contains the amazonian plants from Ecuador for an excellent full body detox! It is an energizer and rich with alkaloids to replace coffee. It works by stimulating the urinary tract.

The herbal blend serves 2 cups and can last up to 7-10 days. 

Ingredients: Guayusa, Cola de Caballo, Chancapiedra, Red Clover, Boldo, Sacred Prayers & Love.


In addition you will receive: 

  • SunRei Cafe E-book
  • Alkaline Plants  E-book 

A total value of $64 at no cost to you.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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