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Sacred Cleanse

Sacred Cleanse

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A monthly supplement of plant-based mineral foods for cleansing the entire system while fortifying the blood. 



120 capsules of the Healing Moss to assist bones, skin, hair, tissue regeneration and more as it has 90% of the body's mineral needs. Most vegans that experience fatigue and other symptoms related to food changes is a direct result of improper mineralization.

Once more, the body is made of minerals like calcium, potassium, cobalt, etc. 102 minerals. I personally don't see the alphabet in the body, such as vitamin A-Z. Do you see the alphabet in the body? This is why most of us have experienced an abnormal color of the urine when we take vitamins, because it's difficult for the body to absorb it. When we understand the gift of the plants we then proceed to include them in our daily lives, which help us achieve greater things.

Take 4 capsules daily in the A.M. before breakfast.



90 capsules of Green Foods for the purity of the blood and the vital needs of chlorophyll. The most nourishing greens are not used or seldom heard of. Green Food capsules uses herbs from Central and South America which truly feeds the body.

Greens are the most important as foods, even if you have a varied nutritional habit. The iceburg lettuce is NOT going to nourish you, and Kale only goes so far. Other than the physical benefits mentioned, Green Foods helps with abundance and prosperity, as there is a reason money is generally green.

3 capsules daily in A.M. before breakfast.



90 capsules of Chelation as the mucus cleanser and digestive tract detox. This reduces inflammation and any manifestation of mucus.

The colon and in the intestines accumulate toxins, and many experience constipation. Fasting is good to move the bowels, however, plant medicines contained within this mixture regulates the colon and detoxifies the intestines from fecal matter that can stick to the inner walls. They soothe the nerves for better sleep because after all, the gut is the second brain.

Take 3 capsules daily after last meal of the day.

 30-Day Supply

Ingredients: Irish moss, Bladderwrack, Kelp, Cascara Sagrada, Prodigiosa, Rhubarb Root, Gordolobo, Nopal, Chaparral, Nettle, Kale, Damiana, Vegetable Cellulose, Sacred Prayers & Love.

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