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Ital Detox

Ital Detox

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This exotic blend of amazonian herbs from Ecuador is an excellent full body detox, energizer, rich with alkaloids to replace coffee. Clears the urinary tract, cleanses the liver, the bladder, kidneys, dissolves kidney stones and more. This blend, among other medicinal herbs features the amazonian "Chancapiedra," which literally translates to "herb that breaks stone." The herbal blend serves 2 cups and can last up to 7-10 days. Plus Shipping.

This 7 day detox is equipped with a powerhouse of Amazonian herbs to help give the body a revitalization and a purification in a light and gentle way.

This blend helps to improve:


-Immune Health

-Sexual Health

-Nervous System Health


-Urinary Tract

-Digestive Health

This 7 Day Amazon Detox will help you get your nerves balanced, digestion cleaned, immunity raised and vitality felt using Ecuadorian Amazon native herbs!

Ingredients: Guayusa, Cola de Caballo, Chancapiedra, Red Clover, Boldo, Sacred Prayers & Love.

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