About us

Tommy Lockward is the author of “Fasting With The Masters” and the creator of “Sun-Rei,” originating from more than 12 years experience in Health & Wellness.
With distinguished personal mentors such as Pepe Franchini from Netflix’s Documentary “The Last Shaman,” Alfredo Bowman AKA “Dr. Sebi” and many others, Tommy expresses South American & African traditional plant formulas as solutions to modern wellness challenges.
Lockward is a certified Plant-Based Nutritionist from Hippocrates Health Institute with a unique approach to detoxing for optimal health. He specializes in digestive health, skin health, cardiovascular health & immune health to name a few. He holds formal academic degrees and certifications that also influence his new thought approach to science, mental and physical health.
Apart from products on this site, Tommy offers in depth detox programs with customized products and coaching, click here to learn more!
For any inquires please email us at: info@sunreiwellness.com